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Breakfast Essentials


Our top picks for a cafe style breakfast at home. Just add freshly brewed coffee and some orange juice! 

This bundle includes:

Sonoma Cinnamon Scrolls (4) 
Exceptionally delicious cinnamon scrolls topped with Heilala vanilla infused cream cheese icing. 

Sonoma Sourdough 

Pepe Saya Cultured Butter (225g)

Poacher's Pantry Smoked Bacon 

Will Studd Aphrodite Halloumi

Eugalo Eggs - Farm Fresh Free Range from Oakdale

We recommend ordering this for delivery the day before you plan to eat it, as everything will last overnight and you will have it all on hand when you are ready to enjoy.  Deliveries are carried out between 10am-6pm so we cannot guarantee delivery in time for breakfast on a particular day. 

Breakfast Essentials