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Easter Cheese Selection


Our cheesemonger's top picks for the long weekend. We've selected mild, crowd pleasing options for easy enjoyment over Easter. Chat to us if you'd prefer a stronger selection. 

Fromage Campagnier, a lightly brine washed double creme. Mild and ultra creamy with a lasting flavour. 

Le Conquerant Camembert, a gutsy Normandy Camembert with a deep earthy character and soft, gooey texture. A classic for a reason. 

Ubriaco Prosecco, an Italian semi-hard cow's milk cheese with a smooth and supple texture, soaked in sparkling prosecco wine as it matures. The cheese is fruity and mellow, with a pleasing harmony between the creamy, lactic cheese and the delicate sweetness of the wine.

Manchego Curado, an iconic Spanish cheese with a spectacularly granular texture and olive-oil like quality. Flavour wise, think burnt butter and toasted almonds. 


Honeycomb for Cheese

Spiced Carrot Pickle


Chive + Olive Oil Biscuits


Easter Cheese Selection