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Four Cheese Gift Box | Luxe Selection


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Le Dauphin Double Creme Brie, a luxuriously soft double crème French brie with a mellow flavour and indulgent buttery quality. Always a crowd pleaser; pop it on a platter inside it's little wooden box and scoop out the impossibly soft cheese with a spoon. 200g.

Pecora Dairy Bloomy, a lovely little button of dense, smooth ewes milk expertly made in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Rolled in ash, slightly citrusy with a deep mineral profile. One of Australia's finest. 120g.

Cashel Blue, a well balanced Irish blue with a rich creamy texture and pleasantly mineral tang. Made with milk from happy cows that graze on lush pasture of a farming co-operative in Tipperary County. 160g. 

Comte la Couronne, a smooth, elegant semi hard cheese made with the supreme milk of cows that graze freely on fresh grass, flowers and wild onions high in the French alps. Simple but full of flavour, think caramelised butter, roasted nuts and grassy aromas. A moreish snack, a staple for the ulimate cheese toastie, or the star of a cheese plate. 200g.

Cacciatore, a rustic Italian style salami made with free range Australian pork, black pepper, spices and garlic by Salumi Australia in the Byron hinterland.

Honeycomb, cut straight from the frame, our go-to accompaniment for decadent creamy bries. The natural sweetness combines with the rich creaminess and salty tang for the ultimate salt-sweet-fat flavour explosion. 

Barossa Bark, these hand rolled wafer thin crisp bread are topped with nigella seeds and make a delicious, neutral partner for all types of cheese. 

Muscatels, naturally dried on the vine in South Australia, the perfect addition to any cheese plate. 

Packaged with care in a signature Epicure Gift Box, along with tasting notes and serving tips from our cheesemonger and a hand written note card.

Four Cheese Gift Box | Luxe Selection