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NYE Cheese Lucky Dip


Ring in the New Year with a classic Epicure cheese plate. 

Pop in store to select your own, or pre-order a 'Lucky Dip' mystery trio selected by our cheesemonger. 

Each Lucky Dip selection will include three mystery pieces of cheese with a combined total mass between 500-600g. 

We'll tailor to your taste according to the following preferences:

  • Mild & Mellow: Soft & Hard Cheeses
  • Classic Trio: Soft, Hard & Blue
  • Strong & Smelly: Washed Rind, Hard, Blue
  • Mixed Milk: Cow, Goat & Ewe's Milk Cheese

Collect in store Saturday 30 December 9am-3pm or Sunday 31st 10am-12noon.
Delivery is not available for NYE.

Crispbread and accoutrement will be available in store. No fresh bread will be available 30/31 December. 

NYE Cheese Lucky Dip