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Winter Warmers


 A selection of our favourite mountain cheeses to warm up your winter weekends. Enjoy on their own, or bake, melt and grill these alpine beauties to enhance their flavour and level up your comfort food repertoire. 

The bundle includes: 

Le Duc Vacherin is a super soft surface ripened cheese bound in spruce bark, hailing from the Franche-Comté mountains in the east of France bordering Switzerland. Allow to ripen and enjoy the soft unctuous texture; or pop it in the oven with garlic and rosemary and serve warm with toasted bread. 250g + Recipe Card for Baked Brie

Garlic & Locally Grown Rosemary for Baked Brie

Raclette de Scey, a mild, creamy and slightly sweet semi hard cheese from the Jura region. Traditionally served generally melted by an open fire or a purpose built grill, and served over potatoes with cornichons and cured meats. 400g

Thones Beaufort is an iconic alpine cheese made in large 45kg wheels with late Spring or Summer milk from cows that graze on rich mountain pasture high in the French alps. The concentrated creamy texture and nutty, sweet and complex flavours make Beaufort super snacky. Also great for melting on toast to serve with winter soups. 200g

Cornichons & Pickled Onions

Cheesemonger's Tasting Notes

Packaged in an Epicure gift box with thermal wool insulation and eco-friendly ice packs for safe transit across Greater Sydney.

Winter Warmers