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[Brie + Blue + Cheddar] The Classics


It's a classic for a reason; the tried and true Brie + Blue + Cheddar is a recipe for cheese plate success. We've curated three of the very best for the perfect simple and elegant cheese course, teamed with exquisite baby figs in syrup and our go-to nigella bark. 

We've selected:

Le Dauphin Double Creme Brie 200g

Pyengana Clothbound Cheddar 200g

Colston Basset Stilton 150g

Baby Figs in Syrup

Tasting Notes

Packaged in an Epicure Gift Box


Shelf Life
The Pyengana Cheddar and Stilton are cut fresh to order and best enjoyed within 2-3 weeks. The Le Dauphin will have a best before date on the box. The flavour and texture will peak on or around this date, but it does not necessarily expire on this date. Cheese is alive and continues to change and develop over time. 

[Brie + Blue + Cheddar] The Classics