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Purchase a one off box or subscribe for monthly or quarterly deliveries to you door.

Our cheesemonger will select three sensational cheeses per month, tailored to your taste.

Get started by answering a few questions to determine your preference.


Does your ultimate ham & cheese sandwich feature:

Cheese Club Subscription Gifts

Give the gift of cheese! Purchase a voucher online and receive an instant gift card delivered to your inbox. Download a printable Welcome Pack and attach the unique gift card details for the ultimate last minute gift!

The recipient can activate their membership at any time, and they can add their delivery details so you don't need to know them at the time of purchase. They'll have the option to select between our 'Mild + Mellow Trio' and our 'Strong + Smelly trio' based on their personal preference. 

Curated for your taste

Based on your answers, we recommend starting with our Mild + Mellow Trio. This selection is curated for beginning and cheese lovers with a softer palate. We'll stick to mostly cow's milk cheeses, and will avoid blue cheese, goat's cheese and anything too funky. We always aim to surprise and delight and will still encourage you to try new things, but will stay away from anything overwhelming and aim for crowd pleasers. Think entertaining favourites like buttery triple crèmes and carefully matured clothbound cheddars. 

Curated for your taste

Based on your answers, we think you'll love our Strong + Smelly Trio.
It's perfect for seasoned cheese lovers with a stronger palate. We'll curate some weird and wonderful cheeses from all over the world.
This selection will usually include one soft, one hard and one blue cheese, from a cross-section of cow, goat and ewe's milk. We'll still include some creamy crowd pleasers, but this selection gives us the license to push you a little further. 

Redeem a Cheese Club Voucher

To redeem a voucher, select the corresponding subscription package below and select your preference between a Mild + Mellow or Strong + Smelly Trio so we can tailor the selection to your taste. Add the membership to your cart, checkout with your preferred delivery details, then select 'Gift Card' as your payment method. The value of your subscription will be redeemed and we will start sending your cheese on the second Tuesday of each month until your membership is complete. 


If you have a voucher that was issued before December 2020, you will need to contact us to redeem it manually. The terms and inclusions listed on your voucher will remain valid for three years from the issue date.