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[Adventurous] Cow + Goat + Ewe


Renee's Top Picks for this festive season, for seasoned cheese lovers who enjoy a medley of cow, goat and ewes milk. 

We've selected:

La Tur 200g
A true Italian beauty - made with a harmonious blend of cow, goat and sheep milk in the Piedmont region. The rich creaminess of cows milk, the citrusy, tangy flavour of goat milk and the fatty, oily texture of sheep milk come together to create nuanced flavour profile. The cheese is interesting and complex but overall quite gentle and delicate; think Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake.

Cashel Blue 200g
A well balanced Irish blue with a rich creamy texture and pleasantly mineral tang. Made with milk from happy cows that graze on lush pasture of a farming co-operative in Tipperary County.

Fleur du Macquis 150g
Hailing from the French isle of Corsica, known for its untamed landscape sprawling with wild botanica, this fantastic cheese, the 'Flower of the Wild', has been encrusted with a bouquet of rosemary, thyme, wildflowers and juniper berries. The soft, semi-firm paste inside is supple and mild, while the rind is herbaceous and full of flavour. 

Manchego Maturado 200g
A spectacular Spanish ewes milk cheese aged for twelve months to encourage a dense, granular texture with pockets of crystallisation. Ewe's milk has a high fat content which translates in an oily texture and olive oil like fruitiness, with dominant nutty qualities.


Tracklements Caramelised Onion Marmalade

Organic Muscatels on the Vine


Tasting Notes

Packaged in an Epicure Gift Box


Shelf Life
The Pyengana Cheddar and Stilton are cut fresh to order and best enjoyed within 2-3 weeks. The Le Dauphin will have a best before date on the box. The flavour and texture will peak on or around this date, but it does not necessarily expire on this date. Cheese is alive and continues to change and develop over time. 

[Adventurous] Cow + Goat + Ewe