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[Crowd Pleasers] The Party Pack


Our top picks to please a crowd. This selection is milky and mild enough that it is a safe bet to keep everyone happy; but luxurious enough to leave a lasting impression.

The 'Small' Bundle is perfect to share with 8-12 guests, or opt for the 'Large' Bundle for larger groups of 25-30.  

We've selected:

Fromage d'Affinois [Small 250g / Large 500g]
Our best selling cheese; this lush French Double Creme Brie is always a crowd favourite. Milky and mild with buttery, rich cream character and ultra soft and smooth texture. Perfect with honey on a salty cracker. 

Comte la Couronne [Small 250g / Large 500g]
An elegant alternative to the classic cheddar to surprise and delight your guests. This French alpine cheese has a smooth, firm yet supple texture and is layered with complexity. A medley of sweet and savoury qualities reveal flavours ranging from toasted nuts, burnt butter, caramel, caramelised onions underscored by a unique earthy quality. Easy to enjoy but hard to forget.

Langres Petit [180g] 
These stunning little wheels of dense, cake-like soft cheese are enrobed in a wrinkly orange rind that makes it the conversation starting centrepiece of your party platter. The soft brie-like cheese is washed in brine as it is aged to encourage the amber hue, while the inside becomes molten soft at the edge and remains a little firm at the core. The flavour is more developed than a Brie or Camembert, but not it is not a strong or smelly cheese. The expert affineurs intentionally neglect to turn the wheels, as is usually done frequently, to encourage the concave dip in the top. The tradition is to score an X in the top and fill the well with a little Champagne, infusing the cheese with the acidic bubbles to create an effervescent explosion of cream and decadence. Enjoy with the rest of the bottle! We love this for NYE celebrations if this cheese lingers past Christmas. 


Lush Local Honeycomb

Nigella Bark

Organic Muscatels on the Vine

Tasting Notes

Packaged in an Epicure Gift Box

Large Bundle Only - An additional package of biscuits will be supplied


Shelf Life
The Fromage d'Affinois and Comte la Couronne are cut fresh to order and best enjoyed within 2-3 weeks. The Langres Petit will have a best before date on the box. The flavour and texture will peak on or around this date, but it does not necessarily expire on this date. Cheese is alive and continues to change and develop over time. 

[Crowd Pleasers] The Party Pack