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Milestone Birthday Cheese Cake


A stunning centrepiece for a milestone birthday or any cause for celebration.

The kit includes:

top to bottom

Will Studd Le Dauphin Double Creme Brie 200g 

Le Conquerant Normandy Camembert 250g

Bruny Island Tom, aprrox 1kg

Raw Honeycomb

Beeswax Birthday Candle

While we do our best to keep these items in stock, quality control and seasonal availability can have some impact on supply. Ordering early is the best way to secure your preferences, however in some cases we will have to offer a substitute if an item is not available or of optimum condition. Please remember cheese is alive and no two cheeses will look exactly alike, so the photos provide a frame of reference only.  

It's incredibly easy to assemble; just stack the two cheeses and place the raw honeycomb on top.  Allow some time for honey to drip down the sides naturally, or scoop some extra runny honey over the top to speed it up. Add some lemon thyme for a simple and elegant finish.

We don't assemble the cakes in store as it doesn't travel well and you'll have the best taste experience popping in together yourself.

Crisp bread is not included in the bundle but we recommend a mixture of Barossa Nigella Bark, Plum & Date Toast and Mini Lingue to serve. 

Milestone Birthday Cheese Cake