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Murray River Nitrate Free, Free Range Christmas Ham


Pre-order a premium Murray River Smokehouse Nitrate Free, Free range ham for the festive season. Pay a deposit now to secure your order, then attend our Christmas Ham Night on Tuesday 19th December to collect. 

The tried and true recipe is over 30 years old and has earned its reputation as one of Australia's finest Christmas hams. Naturally double smoked over sustainably sourced wood chips, then cryo sealed for freshness.

Ready to cut and serve, or glaze and bake to your liking. 

Photo One shows a 5kg half ham glazed with our Christmas Ham Glaze and Cloves and baked for around 45 minutes. The ham is not sold glazed and glaze and cloves are sold separately. The photo is indicative only. 

Photos Two & Three shows the ham as supplied. It is ready to enjoy cold if you choose not to glaze; no further cooking is required.  


Traditional Christmas Leg Ham $24.50/kg
[Half Ham approx 5-6kg] 
[Whole Leg approx 9-11kg] 

Free Range Leg Ham $31.50/kg
[Half Ham approx 5-6kg]
[Whole Leg approx 8-10kg] 

Nitrate Free Ham $28.50/kg 
[Half Ham approx 5-6kg] [Whole Leg n/a]

All options are gluten free.

Tuesday 19 December 5pm-8pm
We'll be open late on Tuesday 18th December and this is the best time to collect your ham. You'll be able to select your own leg from the cool room, so you can choose a size and end to your liking. Stuffed turkey, duck and pork roasts that are not available for pre-order will also be available in the cool room in limited supply. We'll be baking a ham and putting on a spread so you can sample our signature glaze, try a few cheeses, taste our ever-popular pudding and finalise your Christmas shopping. 

If you need to collect your ham earlier than the 19th, please make a note in the checkout and we can make arrangements from the 1st of December.

To place a pre-order, you will need to pay a deposit of either $75 for a half ham or $150 for a whole ham. Your order is not confirmed until a deposit is paid.

The final price of your ham will be determined by the actual weight of your selection. This will be determined at the time of processing your order around 15th-22nd December. Once the final price has been calculated, we will deduct your deposit paid and contact you to process payment of the balance owing.

For example, if you have ordered a Half Traditional Leg Ham @ $32.00/kg and the actual weight of your allocated ham is 4.8kg, the final price of your ham will be $152.60. Your $75 deposit will be deducted leaving a payable balance of $78.60. This balance is due upon collection or prior to delivery. Your deposit is non-refundable so please consider your pre-order carefully.

When you place a pre-order, we are ordering and holding stock especially for you. We understand plans can change, but when dealing with perishable produce it is not always possible to make last minute changes or cancellations to orders. Please consider possible changing circumstances before confirming your order. 

Murray River Nitrate Free, Free Range Christmas Ham