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Ossau Iraty


Place of Origin Basque Country (France)
Milk Type Ewe's Milk
Style Semi-Hard
Wine Pairing Pick your poison! We love a silky red like Samuel's Gorge GSM or Clonakilla Shiraz Viogner (particularly one that's been settled for at least a few years).
Tasting Notes

Thought to be the oldest surviving cheese in our living history, Ossau Iraty claims to be made to a recipe essentially unchanged for 4000 years. Legend has it this ewe's milk cheese was a gift from the ancient god Aristee, the shepherd son of Apollo. It is produced in the Basque Country between the French and Spanish boards, where Manech ewes graze on high altitude pasture. The milk source and traditional techniques are protected under French AOC laws. 

Beneath an admittedly rather pungent natural rind is a semi-firm, supple cheese with a fruity, olive oil like flavour. The character is long lasting and reveals the sweet and herbaceous quality of the milk. The simple nature of the cheese makes it easy to pair with all manners of food and drink. Delicious with slices of crusty baguette, ham and pickles and a pale ale. Magic with black garlic, eggs and chutney on toast with a light roast filter coffee. Go a little wild with fine shavings of dark chocolate and a medium bodied red. You can't go too wrong, so it's a great cheese for experiment with. 


Picnic Size | Approx 150g | Ideal for 2-3 people

Platter Size | Approx 250g | Ideal for entertaining small groups

Party Size | Approx 500g | Ideal for entertaining larger groups

Ossau Iraty