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Roasted Pork Loin w Sage & Cider


Quality Barossa Fine Foods pork loin is marinated and stuffed with pork mince, gluten free breadcrumbs, sage, pepper, garlic and apple cider. Roasted, chilled and cry-o-vac sealed. Ready to re-heat and also delicious served cold.

Gluten free. 

Set price is based on a 1.8-2kg loin. Weights do vary so we will contact you if the price needs to be adjusted. 

As a guide, we suggest 8-12 servings, potentially more if you are serving as part of a lavish buffet where portions do not need to be as large. 

Your order will be delivered between 20-22 December depending on your location. Orders may also be collected from the store between 20-22 December. Due to limited space at peak times we are unable to store your ham beyond 22 December. Early orders may be accommodated with advance notice, pending availability. 

When you place a pre-order, we are ordering and holding stock especially for you. We know these are uncertain times, but when dealing with perishable produce it is not always possible to make last minute changes or cancellations to orders. Please consider possible changing circumstances before confirming your order. 

NB: the first photo shows a plain pork loin roast, refer to second photo for appearance of loin with sage and cider stuffing. 

Roasted Pork Loin w Sage & Cider