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Goldstreet Dairy Cawdor Curd


Goldstreet Dairy's Cawdor Curd is made with fresh, local Jersey Milk from Camden Valley Farm. Cheesemaker Colin Wood (ex-Poly/Cumulus Inc.) collects milk weekly from Luke & Jess at Camden Valley Farm, then produces the cheese in Marrickville the following day. 

The Cawdor Curd is an ultra fresh, lactic style that is ultra creamy, spreadable cheese with a slight acidity and mild tang. This cheese is sensational for Spring, and can be enjoyed in both sweet and savoury applications. 


Make a Spring/Summer grazing plate with baby cucumbers, carrot sticks and radishes, with olive oil and pink salt.

Spread it on Sonoma Miche sourdough with avocado, fresh herbs and cracked pepper.

Prepare a tart or quiche with the curd and roasted baby beets and serve with a balsamic rocket salad. 

Toast a slice of sourdough, spread with curd and drizzle with local honey. 


Goldstreet Dairy Cawdor Curd