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Quicke's 18 Month Clothbound Cheddar


Approx 150g.

The Quicke's family have truly mastered the art of the cheddar, having operated a working dairy and cheesery on their farm in Devon since 1540. Generation to generation, the eldest son took his turn as custodian of the land, continuing the proud tradition of making this spectacular cheese. 

With centuries of experience, they have fine tuned every element of their craft, starting with a particular focus on milk quality. Their herd is made up of dairy cows they call the Quicke's breed - a unique combination of Montbelliarde, Scandinavian Reds, Holstein, Jersey and Friesian cows that represent a carefully curated hybrid of the most desirable qualities in dairy cows. They are allowed to graze freely over a a generous parcel of lush Devon pasture for the large majority of the year. The family even has the grass down to a science - their cows graze on grass that is between 4cm-9cm high to ensure the levels of fibre hit the sweet spot for perfectly creamy, crumbly cheddar (grass that is too short results in hard and dry cheese while mature, tall grasses equal fatty, softer cheeses).

Once the milk hits the dairy, it is artfully turned into cheese by experienced makers who individually craft every wheel by hand. Every batch is made to the traditional recipe, allowing for seasonal variations, using a starter culture that has remained unchanged for decades. Natural rennet is used to seperate the curds while the whey is returned to the pasture to enrich the pasture. A group of only nine cheesemakers then cut the curds into strips and turn them by hand, a process called cheddaring that defines this style of cheesemaking. The wheels or cheese are wrapped in cloth and carefully matured in the 'Cathedral of Cheese' and released at their peak maturity. 

These intricate details may seem trivial, but it truly blows my mind how much thought and care has gone in to every step of the process of making what is seemingly, a very simple cheddar. I'm equally impressed by the taste itself; a creamy, complex cheese with an outstanding depth of flavour and a distinctive earthy taste that develops as it reaches the back of the palate. The flavour profile ranges from brothy to grassy with a lasting caramel quality. 

Sold? I am. 

Picnic Size | Approx 150g | Ideal for 2-3 people

Platter Size | Approx 250g | Ideal for entertaining small groups

Party Size | Approx 500g | Ideal for entertaining larger groups

Quicke's 18 Month Clothbound Cheddar