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Reypenaer VSOP


Place of Origin  Netherlands
Milk Type Cow's Milk
Style Aged Gouda
Wine Pairing A The intense sweetness of this cheese makes it the perfect partner for a Whisky on the Rocks, or a tall glass of a dark porter ale or stout. Or, try it with sherry or cognac after dinner.
Tasting Notes

Reypenear VSOP is a Dutch gouda style cheese aged for two years, about 8 times the maturation period of a typical deli style gouda. At this age, the flavour has totally transformed, exuding sweet toffee and burnt butter characters. The texture goes from rubbery and elastic to incredibly dense and almost dry, with a spectacularly granular, almost crystalised texture. The crunchy bits in a cheese of this age are often confused for salt, but are actually amino acids in the milk called Tyrosine, which break down after about two years and leave these white mineral deposits. 

Reypenear is an iconic Dutch cheese made in vast commercial quantities (thousands of wheels per year), but remarkably the operation is still family-run and the cheese is produced to the original family recipe. The Wijngaard family sources only the finest milk from cows that roam outside during the Dutch summer when the mixture of rain and pleasant temperatures provides ideal conditions for the growth of lush green grass. Every wheel is matured in a purpose built maturing room that is over a century old. It was built alongside the Old Rhine River with natural exposure to the high humidity which is responsible for the development of unique flavours.


Snack Size | Approx 150g | Ideal for everyday cooking and snacking

Picnic Size | Approx 250g | Ideal for entertaining small groups

Party Size | Approx 500g | Ideal for entertaining larger groups

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Reypenaer VSOP