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Spanish Snacks


The bundle includes:

Manchego Curado
An iconic Spanish ewe's milk, the hero of this selection and one of our all time favourites. The cheese has been aged for twelve months to develop a dense and granular texture, with a subtle sweetness and sharp finish, underscored by a distinctive fattiness reminiscent of olive oil, butter and toasted nuts. 250g

Natural Membrillo 
Traditional Spanish Quince Paste, classically paired with Manchego and a staple on any cheese plate. 240g

La Boqueria Pork & Fennel Salami
Made in Sydney with Australian Pork to a traditional Spanish recipe. Pork & Fennel are a classic pairing for good reason; this moist and subtly spicy salami is a very memorable snack. Ready to eat. Approx 120g.

Ortiz Anchovies 47.5g
If you know anchovies you know Ortiz - these iconic Spanish anchovies are hand caught, hand filleted and hand packed into tins of quality olive oil. They pack a flavour punch while retaining a subtle ocean freshness. 

Almond Stuffed Olives
Crunchy, roasted almonds are stuffed inside fleshy, firm giant green olives to create this moreish snack. Enjoy straight from the jar or gently warm and serve with slices of Manchego.

Marcona Almonds 130g
The 'Queen' of Almonds, these plump Spanish nuts are sweeter and rounder than a typical almond, with a buttery character similar to macadamia nuts. Slowly toasted and lightly seasoned with sea salt.

Nigella Bark
Handmade ultra crispy shards of lavosh sprinkled with nigella seeds. 

Cheesemonger's Tasting Notes

Packaged in an Epicure gift box with thermal wool insulation and eco-friendly ice packs for safe transit across Greater Sydney.

Spanish Snacks