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Testun al Barolo


Place of Origin  Piedmont, Italy
Milk Type Cow + Goat Milk
Style Hard Cheese
Wine Pairing Surely nothing can beat a terroir-appropriate Barolo match for this cheese. Any excuse will do. 
Tasting Notes

An explosively tasty Italian cheese coated in the must of iconic Barolo wine grapes. 

Testuns are an ancient type of Italian mountain cheese made by blending together the best milks in any given season. Various quantities of cow, goat and ewes milk are used each season, selected according to taste and availablity, to create a sharp and tangy cheese. The flavour of the cheese remains relatively consistent year round, while the ratio of the milk changes to allow for seasonal fluctuations. This batch contains creamy cows milk and tangy goats milk, resulting in a sharp cheese with a firm yet flaky texture that melts in your mouth. the cow's milk offers a creamy, lactic base while the goats milk adds a citrusy, acidic flavour profile. 

The flavours of the cheese and grapes mingle together to create a well rounded character that is all at once bitey, creamy, sweet, vinous, buttery and sharp. Serve after dinner with a glass of Barolo. Eating the grape must is perfectly okay but optional. Sometimes the wine seeps in to the cheese creating small blue or purple veins, which are nothing to be concerned about. 


Picnic Size | Approx 150g | Ideal for 2-3 people

Platter Size | Approx 250g | Ideal for entertaining small groups

Party Size | Approx 500g | Ideal for entertaining larger groups

Testun al Barolo