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Broccoli, Lemon & Feta Soup

As the weather cools down, we're pulling together some of our favourite soup recipes to share with you. Some are new, and others are old favourites you may have enjoyed on the cottage verandah in years past. We'll continue to add to this collection over the season so keep an eye out for new recipes, or subscribe to our mailing list for weekly updates.


Comments (3)

  • Wendy porter on June 01, 2021

    I miss your soups – I always looked forward to the cooler seasons when you would start again, so thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe. It was delicious! I always think things taste better when someone else makes them, but this is the best brocolli soup I’ve made so far, so biggest thank you for sharing your woundreful recipie. I’m making it again today :)

  • dean boone on June 01, 2021

    can we do a collaboration for a cook book! you would kill it

  • Deb Garner on June 01, 2021

    Thanks so much for this recipe Renee !!! Can’t wait to recreate this

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